We’re an animation studio based in Amsterdam,
specialized in awesome animations for great clients.

From the heart of Amsterdam, we work with a small team of talented and ambitious designers for our clients, mostly film & television companies and ad agencies (big ánd small).

We like to think they come to us for our positive way of working and own style: A bright, vibrant and energetic way of telling stories.

We prefer to have one-to-one contact with our clients. We value an open and personal approach and aid our clients in telling great stories, that look awesome but also send the right message.

Do you want to get in touch? Give us a ring at 020 2296837 or send a mail to we@makeemsay.com

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Ultra Live
Broadcast package

Ultra Live 2015

The awesome yearly ULTRA Music festival in Miami streamed LIVE around the world to 10 million people in the three days of the festival. We designed the full Channel Identity package, including this leader, bumpers and titles.

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 Let’s get in touch! we@makeemsay.com / 020-2296837